Multichip packages

uMCP storage (UFS-based MCP)

Our UFS-based multichip packages (uMCPs) take advantage of the ultra-fast Universal Flash Storage (UFS) controller to provide big performance and power savings in a small footprint for slim designs.


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Micron uMCP5

Micron’s uMCP5 product brings flagship-level performance into high-end phones, delivering unparalleled efficiency and battery life in a compact design. Micron uMCP5 offers the industry’s fastest storage and memory interface, able to process heavier workloads associated with 5G without compromising on performance or power use.

Unleashing 5G performance in high-end smartphones

The world is rapidly shifting to mobile networks powered by 5G, which will support immense amounts of data at the heart of disruptive technologies. Micron uMCP5 allows smartphones to handle data-intensive 5G data workloads with increased speed and power efficiency.

Building on the uMCP4 framework, uMCP5 uses Micron LPDDR5 memory to optimize 5G networks and provides a nearly 20% power efficiency boost compared to LPDDR4. Devices with uMCP5 will support a maximum DRAM bandwidth of up to 6.4 Gb/s, a 50% increase compared to previous generations of LPDDR technology. Micron’s uMCP5 also draws on the fastest UFS 3.1-based storage interface, doubling sequential read performance and increasing download speeds by 20%, compared to UFS 2.1.v

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Key performance features

Maximum DRAM bandwidth of up to 6.4 Gb/s to enable full 5G support

2x storage interface speeds supported by UFS 3.1, compared to UFS 2.1

Almost half the footprint of discrete memory solutions

UFS 3.1 that consumes almost 40% less power than its predecessor UFS 2.1

Endurance boosted by 66%, extending smartphone life span for heavy-use cases

LPDDR5 that is nearly 20% more power efficient than LPDDR4X

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