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LPDDR5 memory

Micron’s LPDDR5 SDRAM addresses next-generation memory requirements for AI and 5G with a 50% increase in data access speeds and more than 20% better power efficiency compared to previous generations. Micron LPDDR5 allows 5G smartphones and other devices to process data at peak speeds of up to 6.4 Gb/s, which is critical for preventing 5G data bottlenecks.


Unleashing 5G performance in high-end smartphones

Micron designed LPDDR5 DRAM to address the growing demand for higher memory performance and lower energy consumption across a wide array of markets, including automotive, client PCs and networking systems built for 5G and AI applications.

The emergence of AI in more applications is driving the need for advanced memory solutions that enable faster and more efficient access to data. Micron LPDDR5 delivers the speed and capacity needed to feed AI engines built directly into mobile processors. These processors rely on high data rates from Micron’s internal LPDDR5 memory to power their machine learning capabilities.

Key LPDDR5 performance features

  • Maximum DRAM bandwidth of up to 6400 Mb/s (50% more compared to LPDDR4X) to enable full 5G support
  • 20% more power efficient compared to LPDDR4X for increased battery life
  • Supporting max densities of 12GB

User benefits

  • LPDDR5 provides 5-10% better battery life due to enhanced power efficiency
  • LPDDR5 can support future use cases such as 8K and 360° video, VR and AR applications that may require bandwidth up to 51.2 Gb/s1


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1. Calculated based on a 4-channel device.

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