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The Micron 9400 NVMe SSD is the top PCIe Gen4 SSD for AI Storage

Characterizing the storage workload for AI Training systems faces two unique challenges that the MLPerf Storage Benchmark Suite aims to address: the cost of AI accelerators and the small size of available datasets. This blog shows how the MLPerf Storage benchmark addresses both.
MLPerf Storage Benchmark on Micron 9400 NVMe >

Storage for AI Training: MLPerf Storage on the Micron® 9400 NVMe™ SSD

MLPerf Storage tool is extremely helpful in benchmarking storage for various models by reproducing realistic AI workloads. Read this blog to read up on how Micron is testing using MLPerf to test storage for AI workloads
Benchmarking AI Storage with MLPerf >

Identifying latency outliers in workload testing

When running and collecting workload traces of RocksDB, we sometimes see large latency spikes. With this blog, we talk about the methods used to identify the root cause of latency spikes in a mixed read and write workload. 
How to identify latency outliers >
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Micron 6500 ION provides massive WEKA performance on AMD-based servers

Check out these testing results for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) using the WEKA Data Platform software. We coupled this software with Supermicro servers built on the 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ 9554 and the Micron 6500 ION SSD.
Micron 6500 ION and WEKA >
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Eliminating the I/O blender: The promise of Flexible Data Placement

Google and Meta have worked closely to introduce the Flexible Data Placement (FDP) mode into the NVMe spec. In this blog, our testing shows that FDP decreases write amplification by 60% for sequential workloads.
FDP and write amplification >
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Drop HDDs from your object store with the Micron 6500 ION SSD

In this blog, Ceph object storage performance with Micron 6500 ION SSDs is compared to hard disk drives (HDDs). Read this article and see how the 6500 ION wins in performance, power and cost over HDDs.
Micron 6500 ION and Ceph >
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Digging into Cassandra performance with the Micron 6500 ION

Bursty workloads require SSDs that perform well at high average disk I/Os — an area where the Micron 6500 ION SSD excels. Read this blog comparing the Micron 6500 ION SSD performance under bursty workload conditions to a competitor’s QLC-based SSD.
Micron 6500 and Cassandra >
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RocksDB: Comparing the Micron 7450, Samsung PM9A3 and Solidigm D5-P5430

RocksDB db_bench is Meta’s preferred workload testing methodology as it emulates workloads at the query level and simulates precise RocksDB storage performance. In this blog, we document a RocksDB db_bench test that compares the performance of the Micron 7450 SSD to the Samsung PM9A3 and Solidigm D5-P5430.
RocksDB and Micron 7450 >

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Micron brings decades of experience in solution design and workload collaboration with industry software leaders. Whether you build on leading-edge open-source or industry titan software, these resources get you production-ready in a flash.

Technical assets by workload

Technical briefs, white papers and more give you a lab-proven starting point for your next project.
Ceph workloads logo image
Ceph is a scalable, simple, open-source storage software package for modern data-centric applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and emerging cloud solutions.

Read how Micron combines Ceph’s software-defined storage innovation with Micron’s advanced technology. Our testing found the Micron 6500 ION SSD provides a true alternative to HDDs for Ceph deployments. We also found that erasure coding paired with Micron 7450 SSDs offers impressive performance and low cost to improve TCO on your next Ceph deployment.
weka logo image
Micron and WEKA bring the performance of Micron NVMe™ SSDs together with WekaFS™ to energize your data-intensive applications. We have written this technical brief to help you understand which Micron NVMe SSD and server configuration is the right choice for your deployment.

Also read this blog to find out more about the benefits for your business in working with Micron, WEKA, AMD and Supermicro.
v m ware logo image
VMware® provides a set of server design recommendations for VMware® vSAN ReadyNode™ configurations. These all-flash VMware vSAN platform designs provide predictable high performance that’s easy to deploy and manage.

Micron data center SSDs offer ReadyNode-certified storage options that enable state-of-the-art data center efficiencies for VMware vSAN solutions. Also read how Micron SSDs improve storage performance with Lenovo® ThinkAgile™ VX VX Series Servers using VMware vSAN ESA.
Artificial intelligence icon image

Micron makes AI possible with technology that’s powering a new generation of faster, more intelligent global infrastructures. Read how the Micron 9400 and NVIDIA GDS work together to improve performance and response times to get the most out of your GPU deployments.

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SQL Server workloads call for storage with fast input/output (I/O) performance, speedy throughput and high endurance to manage the demands of today’s modern applications. Micron’s portfolio of SSDs enable efficient, optimized analytics platforms. 

We tested a wide variety of SQL Server configurations and built a guide to optimize Microsoft SQL Server analytics workloads with Micron SSDs, DRAM and software configurations to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Also, read how the Micron 6500 ION and XTR SSDs optimize SQL Server analytics workloads with unbeatable value and performance.
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NoSQL workloads such as social media platforms, content management systems and real-time analytics demand storage that is scalable, high performing and reliable.

We tested NoSQL analytics workloads with the Micron 6500 ION SSD and Cassandra. We compared this against the competition, and our tests showed superior results.

We also tested the Micron 9400 SSD with the popular NoSQL Aerospike database and found it a great fit for demanding workloads like Aerospike.
Noisy neighbor workloads icon image

In a cloud multi-tenant architecture, a tenant that monopolizes shared resources like storage, network or compute is called a “noisy neighbor.”

Read how the Micron 9400 SSD is the best performance SSD for noisy neighbor environments, so workloads perform their best no matter the neighborhood

rocks DB logo image
RocksDB is a high-performance embedded database key-value store, optimized for multiple CPU cores and for efficient use of fast storage like Micron SSDs for I/O-bound workloads.

Read how the Micron 9400 SSD enables RocksDB performance for the most demanding workloads. Also, learn how the Micron 7450 SSD delivers impressive performance for mixed RocksDB workloads while outperforming leading competitors.

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