SSD encryption

Learn more about SSD encryption, benefits of hardware encryption, and the TCG Enterprise.

Benefits of hardware encryption

Data encryption is essential to data security. Micron provides the full benefits of hardware-based encryption with self-encrypted drives (SEDs) that support the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Security Subsystem Class Opal and Enterprise protocols for client and enterprise storage, respectively.

Benefits of hardware encryption include:

  • Security: Decreased vulnerability to attack because the data encryption and user authentication are performed on the drive itself, independent of the operating system, memory, and BIOS.
  • Performance: Maximized system performance because CPU and memory overhead isn’t impacted.
  • Ease of Use: Seamless and transparent to the user so it doesn’t interfere with their workflow.
  • TCO: Less costly to implement and maintain than software encryption.
  • Compliance: Conforms to industry standards and government data security regulations.

What is TCG Enterprise?

TCG Enterprise is the Trusted Computing Group’s comprehensive specification for enterprise data storage devices. The TCG Enterprise-enabled SSDs from Micron use hardware-level encryption to provide superior protection against data breaches, loss, and theft. 

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