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Micron 2400 NVMe™ SSD

The Micron 2400 SSD brings industry leading storage densities to enable flexible OEM solution design and provides an uncompromising user experience to accelerate the adoption of QLC SSDs for client devices.

World’s first 176-layer PCIe® Gen4 QLC SSD

The Micron 2400 NVMe™ SSD is the world’s first and most advanced 176-layer QLC NAND based PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD. Built with industry leading storage density, the 2400 is the world’s first 2TB SSD available in a 22x30mm form factor. 

Offered in three compact M.2 form factors, this QLC SSD is ideal for high-capacity storage in form factors to fit thin-and-light designs without compromising user experience.

Micron 2400 SSDs


Quicker system startup and improved performance

The Micron 2400 SSD, with its innovative 176-layer QLC NAND combined with PCIe Gen4, delivers up to two times the performance versus the previous generation, bringing quicker system startup and improved performance to client applications.

World's first 2TB 22x30mm SSD brings high capacity to thin-and-light notebooks

The Micron 2400 is available in 22x30mm, 22x42mm and 22x80mm M.2 form factors that all share a common firmware, helping to minimize multi-design qualifications. It is the world’s first 2TB single-sided client SSD in a 22x30mm form factor, enabled by the highest GB/mm2 NAND in the industry.

Power efficiency

The Micron 2400 is designed to support the Project Athena specification, which enables over nine hours of battery life even when used with HD displays.¹ The 2400 SSD helps reduce battery demand with active idle power consumption that is 50% lower than the prior generation for hours of untethered productivity and entertainment.

Micron 2400 SSD with NVMe
Category Value PCIe Gen4 PCs and notebooks
Model Micron 2400 SSD
Form factor (mm) M.2 (22x30, 22x42, 22x80)
Interface PCIe Gen4, NVMe 1.4
Capacities 512GB 1TB 2TB
Sequential read (MB/s)¹ 4200 4500 4500
Sequential write (MB/s)¹ 1800 3600 4000
Random read (IOPS)¹ 400K 600K 650K
Random write (IOPS)¹ 400K 650K 700K
Endurance (TBW) 150TB 300TB 600TB
MTTF (million hours) 2 2 2
Sleep/PS4 power (mW) <2.5 <2.5 <2.5
Active idle power (mW) <150 <150 <150
1. Sequential read/write: 128KB transfer size, fresh-out-of-box (FOB), queue depth =32; random read/write: 4KB transfer size, fresh-out-of-box (FOB), queue depth = 128.
Advanced features Hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption
RAIN and SMART, TCG Opal 2.01, TCG Pyrite 2.01
Micron Storage Executive management tool
Sanitize, Secure Boot
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Introducing the Micron 2400 SSD, built with leading storage density and the world's first 176-layer QLC NAND. Choose capacities from 512GB to 2TB today.

1. Additional information available here

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