Committed to a sustainable future for all

At Micron, we believe in acting with transparency. Through our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities, we aim to support long-term sustainability that positively impacts our people, communities and planet.


Investing in the Future: Micron's 2022 Sustainability Report

Micron’s ESG investments incorporate the design and manufacture of our products and how we grow our business, support our people and communities and power a future that enriches life for all. Our 2022 Sustainability Report and Progress Summary showcase our new aspirations and progress against our goals and global ESG programs.

Investing in the Future: 2022 Progress Summary

Our 2022 Progress Summary highlights our ESG programs and progress against goals, sharing how our investments impact our people, communities and planet.

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Investing in the Future: 2022 Sustainability Report

Our 2022 Sustainability Report offers a comprehensive review of our sustainability strategy, programs and progress against our goals, focusing on how our wide-ranging ESG investments drive change within Micron and in the communities where we live, work and play.

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Envisioning a Sustainable Future For All

Our commitment to sustainable business practices encompasses ESG in our operations and communities and through our value chain. Our work highlights how sustainable product features support revenue and market share growth, better risk management lowers the cost of capital, energy efficiency reduces operating costs and attention to broad social action positively impacts our people and communities.


Micron is steadfast in our commitment to transforming the communities where our team members live, work, and play. We do this by promoting human potential through STEM education, supporting basic human needs and championing equitable opportunities for all.

Micron Gives

Micron Foundation Connects Underserved Students to STEM



Micron is more than the products we make – we’re people intent on delivering on our commitments, driving growth and inventing the future. We prioritize our people and strive to create an equitable workplace that keeps them safe and well. And we’ve set six bold commitments for diversity, equality and inclusion that are embedded in how we do business.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Black History’s Power to Connect Us


Products & Innovation

Our innovative technology provides many transformative benefits to our customers and communities. By fostering the adoption of breakthrough operational practices at Micron and across our industry that accelerate the pace of innovation, we aim to promote a sustainable ecosystem that expands what’s possible for society and our planet.

Our Products

Startups for Sustainability


Responsible Sourcing

Continued diversity in globally located suppliers increases the need for resilience. Our rigorous, end-to-end sourcing standards – driven by a dedicated and tenacious team – enhance the sustainability of our operations while improving social and environmental conditions through our industry’s intricate, global technology supply chain.

Sourcing Responsibly

Responsible Minerals Policy

Supplier Responsibility


Learn About Micron's Latest ESG Efforts

Our Green Bond Framework

In October 2021, Micron issued its first green bond framework, which provides information about the types of projects that are eligible for financing or refinancing with the use of any potential green bond proceeds.

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Startups for Sustainability

Micron Ventures is speeding the adoption of sustainable tech through a unique partnership with semiconductor industry peers that catalyzes startup innovation.

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Micron's Renewable Energy Investments

Micron signed two agreements early in 2022 that further our commitment to sourcing renewable energy for our global operations.

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Our Awards and Recognitions

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Additional Resources

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Global Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

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For past disclosures, please visit the CDP website

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Minerals Policy and Conflict Minerals Report 

Supplier Responsibility

Ethics & Human Rights

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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Human Rights Policy

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Team Members

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

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