Sustaining our long-term vision and building a better future

Manish Bhatia | June 2024

Our sustainability initiatives advance our vision of transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all. This goes beyond just the design and manufacturing of our products and solutions. We are focused on supporting long-term sustainability that benefits our people, communities and planet. In 2023, we continued to address some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, energy consumption and human rights. Our efforts included partnering with industry peers and suppliers to advance sustainable operations, engaging with communities and ensuring we are doing business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

To that end, I am thrilled to share our 2024 Sustainability report and our 2024 Sustainability progress summary: Sustaining our long-term vision. Both documents underscore our continued progress toward our sustainability goals.

Advancing sustainable operations

As a semiconductor industry leader, it is important for Micron to advance sustainable operations by investing and collaborating with industry peers, suppliers and partners on improvements to greenhouse gas emissions and heat transfer fluids. We are also focused on driving energy efficiency projects and our carbon-free energy strategy, reusing, recycling and restoring water in new water projects, diverting waste from landfills and investing in sustainable and efficient semiconductor manufacturing at our sites worldwide.

Micron recognizes the importance of building sustainability into the design of our new facilities. In November 2023, we opened state-of-the-art assembly and test facilities in Malaysia and Taiwan. In September 2023, Micron broke ground on a new site in India. Earlier this year, we broke ground on an additional building at our Xi’an assembly and test site, which will also be our first sustainability center of excellence. Our U.S. expansion projects supported by the CHIPS Act will pursue designs consistent with LEED Gold certification.

Building team and community 

We believe that equity, representation and investments in the communities where we live and work are vital to our vision. Micron remains committed to maintaining global pay equity for women across race/ethnicity, veteran status in the U.S. and for people with disabilities globally — a significant differentiator of Micron. 

The Micron Foundation invested more than $11 million in STEM education and community support initiatives, with nearly $2.5 million of that coming from team member-directed matching gifts. Our team members engaged in their communities worldwide with over 80% of our team participating in community volunteering and giving and more than 200,000 volunteer hours logged. 

Doing business the right way

We are mindful that our business, operations and sourcing practices for creating semiconductors affect our team members, customers, community and the planet. At Micron, we aim to uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity and accountability in our business conduct and decision-making. As Micron keeps pace with emerging opportunities and challenges in artificial intelligence (AI) we established a generative AI governance operating committee to provide oversight and guidance for innovation and responsible use of generative AI-enabled solutions.

This past year, we’ve continued to work with our suppliers to support responsible business conduct in new and existing locations. We’ve also supported the development of the local financial sector and access to capital for small and medium enterprises in our regions of operation.

Key achievements

I am proud of our work and pleased to highlight some of our key initiatives and their progress from this past year: 

  • Introduced HBM3E, with customers reporting 30% lower power consumption compared to competitors’ solutions
  • Received ISO 50001:2018 energy management certification for five more sites, bringing the number of Micron sites holding this certification to seven
  • Collaborated with suppliers on emissions-reduction initiatives in our operations, purchased energy and value chain (scopes 1, 2 and 3)
  • Maintained 100% renewable electricity in Malaysia and signed multiple agreements to purchase renewable energy globally 
  • Created talent pathways through new university semiconductor networks in the U.S., university partnerships in Japan, memorandums of understanding in Singapore and India, and apprenticeship programs

Our progress toward these initiatives and creating positive change for our stakeholders and our industry is exciting. I look forward to continuing this important work. Together, we can make the world better for future generations.

I encourage you to read both documents to learn more.

2024 Sustainability report

2024 Sustainability progress summary: Sustaining our long-term vision

Executive Vice President, Global Operations

Manish Bhatia

Manish Bhatia is executive vice president of Global Operations at Micron Technology and responsible for the company’s end-to-end operations, delivering industry-leading technology and products at scale. Manish’s scope includes fab and assembly/test manufacturing, packaging & test development, quality, supply chain, procurement, as well as information technology, smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence.