Tim Hollis on solving signal integrity challenges in Micron GDDR6X memory

Micron Technology | September 2020

Micron recently announced GDDR6X, the new gold standard in graphics memory. To find out what makes GDDR6X so remarkable, I had a chat with Tim Hollis, Micron fellow and one of the inventors of the special sauce. (Spoiler alert: We’re squeezing two bits down every wire, instead of one, giving us twice the raw bandwidth of the previous generation.) At those speeds, circuit board traces and solder bumps don’t behave like lines on a diagram, so keeping those bits intact takes some serious engineering.

I also asked Tim about what it means to be a Micron fellow. According to him, it offers the opportunity to progress his career while remaining in a technical role and mentoring “the rising generation of engineers” within Micron.

I was fascinated and I think you will be too.

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