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“Soar like an eagle and explore your horizons.” That’s the motto at Hyderabad Public School in India, a private high school famous for producing — among other notables — Adobe Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen.

The advice has worked well for Narayen, who took Adobe’s helm in 2007 and found himself challenged two years later with a 25% drop in revenues. Although use of Adobe software continued to grow, he said, so did pirating — many users simply weren’t paying.

“We had a lot of signals that told us that, unless we dramatically reinvented ourselves, we would not be relevant,” Narayen shared with Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra in this fireside chat.

So reinvent Adobe he did, to spectacular effect. Valued at $20 billion when Narayen became CEO, Adobe’s worth is now listed at $130 billion. Narayen’s leadership is hailed by such prominent organizations as the Harvard Business Review as a case study in business transformation.

How did Narayen do it? Watch this conversation between the two CEOs as they discuss the increasingly important role that artificial intelligence, powered by Micron memory, plays in enabling companies to soar as never before.