Skiing towards balance: Navigating work and play

Erika Prosser | April 2024

On Friday morning, the alarm buzzed and the familiar routine awaited: commute, coffee, cubicle. But today, something whispered in my ear – a siren call from the mountains, 6 inches of fresh powder in April. A pristine canvas just waiting for my tracks.

And so, instead of putting on my work attire, I slipped into snow pants and boots. I grabbed my skis, my heart racing with anticipation. The powder report had promised magic and it delivered. The office could wait; writing this blog could wait. This morning, I would chase freedom down the slopes.

As I glided through the forest, each turn carving a memory into the snow, I recognized that there have been too few of these days this season and I was doing exactly what I was supposed to. The quiet whoosh under my skis drowned out the hum of emails and spreadsheets.

Setting limits is an act of self-care. Whether it’s carving out focused work hours, unplugging from technology after a certain time, or saying “no” to commitments that drain your energy, boundaries matter. I want to show people they have permission to let their careers soar while supporting their passions.

The tech industry, with its relentless pace, often forgets the beauty of spontaneity. But here, surrounded by towering pines and the crisp mountain air, I found clarity. The hooting and hollering coming from under the chair and deep within the forest was contagious and I couldn’t help but smile and join in.

So, dear reader, let’s explore this delicate dance – the push and pull between work that never ends and powder days in April. Because sometimes, the best decisions are the ones that defy convention. And this morning, my choice was clear: I skied 6 inches of fresh pow instead of going to work.

Leaders, take note: Work-life balance isn’t a mere buzzword. It is a baton you must wield, not just wave. Show your team that investing in their personal well-being matters. When you step off the corporate stage and into the snow, you compose a powerful message: prioritizing well-being isn’t weakness; it’s wisdom. Your actions resonate louder than any PowerPoint slide. So, let the slopes be your podium, and let your tracks tell the tale.

Sr. Director, Operations

Erika Prosser

Erika Prosser heads the operations team for the Storage Business Unit. With a keen focus on supply planning, inventory management, business planning and cost control, she ensures efficient operations and informed strategic decision-making within the business unit.