AI’s awesome power to unlock life’s secrets

Micron Technology | January 2019

Is there other intelligent life in the universe? What causes disease? How can we stop the aging process or even reverse it?

For the first time, we are seeing real potential for solving life’s most confounding mysteries. A virtual explosion in data is why—from outer, as well as our inner, spaces.

Now, however, we face another perplexing problem: how can we possibly process all this information?

In this intriguing talk, Sumit Sadana, Micron’s Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, delves into the breathtaking possibilities for our future enabled by artificial intelligence—which, in turn, is enabled by fast, vast memory storage and processing.

Technology companies, led by Micron, are continually inventing and improving hardware to keep pace with data’s accelerating demands, Sadana says. Watch to find out how AI and memory can answer our most pressing questions—including how to finally lose weight!