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Girls Going Tech

The Micron Foundation is committed to growing the number of students from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups who see their future in STEM. To that end, Girls Going Tech’s mission is to inspire the next generation of women in STEM!

Inspiring the next generation of girls in STEM

Girls Going Tech is a unique model that blends STEM activities with mentorship to inspire female, nonbinary and gender-fluid middle school students to pursue tech careers.

Activities for Girls Going Tech are designed to enhance creativity and improve the world through STEM. Students experience how to use STEM principles to solve real world problems and make a difference in their communities.

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Learning by example from women in STEM

Girls Going Tech participants hear from female role models working in STEM careers or pursuing STEM degrees. These women share their journeys, discussing challenges and successes along their paths.

Trained volunteers help students with hands-on STEM activities, ensuring they feel welcomed and empowered to continue their own tech journeys.

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Frequently asked questions

The Micron Foundation offers Girls Going Tech at no cost to all students and faculty chaperones. 

Girls Going Tech is for female, nonbinary or gender-fluid middle school students. If you have specific questions on student eligibility, contact

Girls Going Tech is typically a single-day experience, but in some locations, it may run multiple days. Check the registration form for your location for specific details.

Students should bring their curiosity. Lunch and snacks are provided, and we work to accommodate food sensitivities and allergies. Students are welcome to bring their own lunches, which can be stored for lunch-time access. Students can also bring small bags and personal items upon request, but these items need to be coordinated with program leaders.

We recommend students wear comfortable close-toed shoes for walking, along with comfortable, full-coverage clothing that allows for easy movement and shorts are not recommended for safety reasons. Each student will be provided a shirt to wear at Girls Going Tech.

2023 year-end summary

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