Employee resource groups: Making memories

At Micron, we believe inclusion drives our innovation. That’s why we’re building a workplace culture where everyone is valued and respected. Our ERGs are the cornerstone of our inclusion efforts. They not only build our world-class memory — they help all of us make memories in the workplace too.

“Micron’s ERG members ignite inclusion in our company. They are powerful ambassadors, allies and the embodiment of what it means to be for all.”

Fran Dillard
Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer

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ERG fast facts

increase in ERG membership from FY21

9% increase in ERG membership from FY22

of team members in an ERG

47% of team members in an ERG

ERG chapters worldwide

92 ERG chapters worldwide

team members impacted by ERG and DEI programming

10K: team members impacted by ERG and DEI programming

25+ touch points: number of times our CEO engages with ERGs around the world each year

90K paid hours: total number of hours eligible for members to work on ERG activities

total amount Micron Foundation granted to ERG-selected charities through the ERG grants challenge in FY23

500K total amount Micron Foundation granted to ERG-selected charities

Be proud of who you are

At Micron, we are committed to providing opportunities for professional and personal growth through employee-led ERGs. ERGs create a community for like-minded individuals and allies to grow, develop and advocate for their communities. Team members are encouraged to join any ERG that interests them.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Network

Raising awareness regarding the uniqueness of the Asian American and Pacific Islander experience.

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Black Employee Network

Fostering personal and professional growth of Black employees by building community connections.

team members socializing


Embracing seen and unseen disabilities, allowing team members to thrive.

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Micron Hispanic Professionals

Promoting leadership development and networking of Hispanic professionals.

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Micron Young Professionals

Cultivating an engaged and invested community of young professionals.

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Micron Women’s Leadership Network

Accelerating gender equality by strengthening personal and professional development of women.

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Promoting visibility, cultural sensitivity, connection and career mobility.

group of people with a man sitting wit folded hands and Two women wearing hijab look happy


Creating a welcoming environment to support team members in the LGBTQ+ community.


Tenured and Experienced at Micron

Sharing our experiences to enhance Micron’s culture and values.

Man and women with gray hair talking to each other

Veterans Employee Resource Group

Supporting active and former military personnel to help veterans transition to the civilian workforce.

Veterans Employee Resource Group

Honoring recognition days and months

Our 10 ERGs, with 92 chapters around the world, provide community for team members from various groups, equally welcoming members who affiliate with a community and their allies. Coming together, they help all team members learn and celebrate their unique attributes and create a strong voice of advocacy within the workplace and the communities where we live.

Make memories with us

Micron is proud of our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion. We need your unique gifts to help us create world-class memory and storage solutions. Join us and make memories with us.

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