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Microchip background




Accelerate your time-to-market with quality DRAM components—rigorously tested for a wide range of applications—from the extreme temperature and performance needs of industrial and automotive applications to the exacting specs of enterprise systems, we have the right solution for your design.

DRAM modules

DRAM Modules

Accelerate your time-to-market with quality DRAM modules--rigorously tested for reliability in a wide range of applications--from the extreme temperature and performance needs of industrial applications to the exacting specs of enterprise systems, we have the right solution for your design.

NAND flash

NAND Flash

Our ongoing innovations in process and design continue to drive Flash development, evidenced by the continued introduction of leading-edge technology. We offer a diverse portfolio of products with distinct features, functionality, and performance.

Managed NAND

Managed NAND

The increasingly complex error correction and data-management requirements of NAND Flash can be challenging for embedded designers. Our fully managed devices like eMMC, UFS and SSDs help make technology transitions nearly seamless by handling media management and error correction code (ECC) internally. Managed NAND frees the host controller for increased speed and system performance—and saves significant resources that would otherwise go to hardware and software development. Our standardized packages also ease the design process, helping reduce time-to-market.


Memory Cards

Ideal for mission-critical applications that require more robust memory performance, SD and microSD cards deliver reliability, quality, performance, security and longevity needed for edge recording and other industrial IoT applications.


Solid State Storage

Micron is accelerating the storage revolution. Our portfolio of flash storage solutions present customers with a modern, more agile approach for how they access, store and manage data.

NOR flash

NOR Flash

NOR flash devices, available in densities up to 2Gb, are primarily used for reliable code storage (boot, application, OS, and execute-in-place [XIP] code in an embedded system) and frequently changing small data storage. NOR flash provides systems with the fastest bootable memory solution, is easy to implement, and requires minimal ongoing management due to the underlying cell structure. Because of the cell structure, NOR flash is inherently more reliable than other solutions.

hybrid memory cube

Hybrid Memory Cube

With HMC, you can move data up to 15 times faster than with a DDR3 module and use up to 70% less energy and 90% less space than with existing memory technologies. And HMC’s abstracted interface and advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capabilities reduce complexity and deliver greater reliability—enabling your innovation and lowering your total cost of ownership like never before.

Multichip Packages


Get the critical features and functions for your design—including high performance, high quality, power efficiency, wide density ranges, small package sizes, and industrial temperature ranges—from our broad portfolio of industry-standard multichip packages (MCPs).