Possible Career Paths at Micron Semiconductor Asia


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Your Possible Career Path

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Physics
Product Engineer: Refine and manage semiconductor devices from the design stage to high-volume production, including circuit debug and analyzing any needed design changes to address functionality.
Test and Probe Engineer: Work in a highly visible production support role, interacting with all levels of engineering and production groups. Develop and maintain software program and hardware development, execution and engineering analysis for device yields, failure/repair rates and production yields.
QA Engineer: Evaluate production lots suspected of quality or reliability issues and ensure devices are held until all concerns have been addressed. Analyze and report on production reliability failures and identifies the root cause of failures to provide solutions.
Process Integration Engineer:   Responsible for module development and support of the latest process flow. Analyze device failures, characterize process windows and engage in the design and evaluation of experiments to optimize designated modules.
Yield Enhancement/Analysis Engineer: Perform electrical characterization, analyze various failure mechanisms and perform physical failure analysis to isolate sources of circuit-related failures.
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
Process Engineer:  Analyze process problems and implement solutions. Develop and optimize processes to achieve high yield and quality, productivity improvement as well as cost reduction.
Equipment Engineer: Involved in the setup, control and maintenance of cutting-edge semiconductor processing equipment. Coordinate and maintain focus on key equipment issues, working hands-on to fix and optimize equipment for the best possible outcomes.
Area Engineer:  Monitor, sustain & improve assigned area while working with production operators & area technicians to produce silicon-based semiconductor products.
Manufacturing Engineer/Supervisor:  Supervise, train and certify a production team to execute daily manufacturing operations. Respond to production line issues and provide real-time analysis, problem solving and decision making.
  • Industrial Engineering
Industrial/Planning Engineer:  Review and analyze loading forecast and scenarios, and effects of their changes. Develop and enhance capacity models, and implement programs and reporting systems to enhance production efficiency.
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
Software Engineer:  Develop, maintain and support automation applications. Conduct and participate in analysis, design, code review and testing sessions. Provide solutions that create business value.
Applications Engineer:  Design, code, test, and analyze software programs and applications for automation, manufacturing system, tracking system and planning/scheduling system which consists of both internal Micron applications and third-party vendor applications.
  • Other Disciplines
Positions available in Human Resources, Finance and Procurement.