Walk For Rice 2020 garners record participation in Singapore

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There is no doubt that 2020 will be an extraordinary year for anyone living through these unusual times. Not only did we agonize over cancelled plans, we had to completely transform the way we do things to prioritize safety.

But despite the hurdles, Micron Foundation in Singapore decided to forge ahead with our annual Walk For Rice event, which donates rice and oatmeal to underprivileged families in Singapore. Even with government-mandated restrictions in place, everyone who pitched in helped the donation drive score 662,138 bowls of rice and oatmeal, to be distributed to 7,000 families in the South East District of Singapore. In a country that’s just shy of 6 million people, that’s a phenomenal figure!

Manish Bhatia, Executive Vice President, Global Operations delivers his views on volunteerism onstage

Challenges shrugged, big payoff

This was the fourth consecutive year we participated, partnering with the South East Community Development Council (SECDC) in Singapore and NTUC Fairprice, a local grocer.

Walk for Rice 2020 was launched at Micron Singapore on October 29, with the theme “Steps Apart; Heart to Heart”. Adhering to social distancing measures, team members participating had fulfill their step count individually or in small groups (five or less people, as nationally required) but remained united in fulfilling their goals of at least 7,500 steps a day.

I was really impressed with the results. Now in my fourth year leading this event and team, it still always amazes me how our Team Members outperform my expectations –– our participation rate just keeps getting higher and higher. Even in this difficult year, everyone had a common goal: Give as much as you can. In my opinion, this isn’t just what unites us as Micron employees, but the kindness we have is what makes us human. Simply encouraging. Here are some of the results:

  • A whopping 6,698 Singapore team members took part. This means the participation rate was 80% vs. the 2020 Target of 70% and the 2019 Achievement of 59% of total team members! This far exceeds Sanjay’s call for 50% volunteerism this year.
  • We clocked in 41,245 volunteer hours vs. the 2020 Target of 33,333 and the 2019 Achievement of 32,719! With the participation from the online activities, this goes up to 42,733.
  • Every step counted. And this year, we close with 247,467,971 steps! Counting the online activities, it’s at 256,400,413.

Micron could not have made this a success without our partners and most importantly, our team members. Despite difficult externalities, we adjusted the mechanics in which success was achieved and worked towards an important goal of giving back to the community.

Walk For Rice has continued to exemplify Micron’s company values, especially PEOPLE. We care about each other. And our intent and actions amplify our care beyond the confines of our company.

Buddy Nicoson, Senior Vice President, Global Front-End Manufacturing, presents Fairprice vouchers to Engineer Goh Lian Hong

Tan Kia Hiang is the Director of Micron Global HR Services and is the Chairperson of the Micron Foundation Singapore Committee, and member of the Steering Committees for three ERGs (Employee Resource Groups): MWLN (Micron Women Leadership Network), Capable, and, DEI (Diversity, Equality & Inclusion). She believes that it is not about how much you have given, but what difference you have made.