Micron Singapore Propels Upskilling with Technical Program

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At a Jan. 30 awards dinner hosted by the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), Micron was honored by the Ministry of Manpower for our participation in the government’s Professional Conversion Program (PCP). This program is aimed at professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs), who undergo technical and soft skills training and conversion to start new roles or work in new industries that have the potential for long-term growth and progression.

“At Micron, we believe in embracing a growth mindset where team members continuously learn and imagine what is possible every day,” says Zerlinda Tan, director of Talent Acquisition for Singapore, Malaysia and India. “Micron offers myriad resources for technical learning, personal effectiveness and leadership development. Team members can leverage both formal learning, such as classroom training and seminars, and informal learning, such as mentoring opportunities, to support them in expanding their capabilities at Micron.

“Since 2016, over 60 Micron team members from the ages of 26 to 57 have benefited from the PCP, a structured on-the-job training program,” she continues. “After completing the program, participants are confident to take up new and expanded job roles in advanced manufacturing. Besides technical skills training, they also attend soft skills training, which helps to expand their capabilities further.”

Giving team members the skills to grow and the opportunity to change keeps our people engaged and pursuing excellence. Their learning and ability to look at situations with fresh and different perspectives also drives our goal of innovation.

Tiang Chan, supervisor for Materials Handling at Fab 10, who graduated from the PCP, moved from the shipping industry to Micron and puts his new skills to use every day. “The PCP gave me a new mindset,” he shares. “I had to learn fast and apply newly adopted skills to a new environment. It was really a challenge and an opportunity for discovery.”

Country Head and Corporate Vice President Chen Kok Sing receiving Micron’s PCP award from Josephine Teo, Minister of Manpower.

Country Head and Corporate Vice President Chen Kok Sing attended the awards dinner and received the plaque from Minister of Manpower Josephine Teo on behalf of Micron Singapore. He said, “The Professional Conversion Program is a way for Micron to invest in and prioritize its people. Upskilling gives team members confidence in their abilities and benefits Micron by continuing to drive our culture of growth and learning. In that way, as technology becomes more advanced, we all win.”

Due to the success of the program, Minister Teo announced at the awards dinner that the PCP would be expanded over the next three and a half years to increase the training capacity, accommodating 1,000 more PMETs in electronics engineering.

Watch SSIA’s video about the PCP.