Riding for Rainbows

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We are so proud of our team members who have given of their time and energy at Ride for Rainbows! Living out Micron’s call to give back to the community, 42 Micron team members gathered at the Marina Barrage, Singapore, in their cycling gear to cover distances of between 28km and 108km on the evening of 27 April 2019. The team was among 431 cyclists participating in Ride for Rainbows, a flagship night cycling event organized by Club Rainbow to raise funds for children suffering from major chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Team Micron clocked an aggregate distance of 2,036km and raised more than S$23,000 which was further boosted with dollar-for-dollar donation matching by Micron’s charitable foundation Micron Gives.

Team Micron’s participation in Ride for Rainbows forms part of Micron Singapore’s ongoing support for Club Rainbow, its Charity of Choice. The Charity of Choice program is a signature element of Micron Gives where Micron team members in the respective countries of operation vote annually for a local charity to support financially, through direct donation and fundraising support.

In addition to Ride for Rainbows, Micron has helped to raise funds for Club Rainbow, through an auction of handicraft items made by team members, an International Food Festival Charity Drive and participating as runners and event volunteers at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Volunteer 5
Our passionate team of cyclists from Micron.
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Micron Team Leader Teck Meng (right), Process and Equipment Engineering Senior Manager, receiving a token of appreciation from Singapore Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin who was Guest of Honor at Ride for Rainbows.

Ride for Rainbows challenges the resilience and tenacity of riders as they complete their ride around various routes in Singapore. These key Micron values are the same qualities Club Rainbow hopes to inculcate in its beneficiaries in their journey towards an enriching life. The spirit of collaboration that is in Micron’s DNA was also reinforced as team members who were not cycling at the event contributed by making donations.

We speak to a few inspiring Team Micron cyclists who made a difference at Ride for Rainbows.

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Team Micron Leader Teck Meng (left) and Seng Wong (right) participated in the 28km route.

Ho Teck Meng, Process and Equipment Engineering Senior Manager

Team Micron Leader at Ride for Rainbows

What is your role as leader of Team Micron?

It started with planning the initial recruitment and publicity to raise funds and encourage participation by reaching out to the Micron network. I had to ensure the safety and well-being of all Micron riders on the day of the event as well.

What spurred you on to participate as leader of Team Micron?

It was the knowledge that there are many enthusiastic cyclists in Micron who also want to do their part for charity. Bringing them together to reach a common goal fuelled this passion to serve.

What are your thoughts on Micron’s culture of giving back to the community? Micron’s culture of giving back to the community reminds us that it is not about what you have or have accomplished. It is about who you can help to build up, how you can make someone else’s life better and what you can give back.

Foo Seng Wong, Yield Enhancement Manager

Seng Wong was Team Micron’s highest individual fund raiser

Why did you decide to participate in Ride for Rainbows?

It was Teck Meng who first came up with the idea to rally a group of leisure riders in Micron to support the event. I found it meaningful as it enabled me to help raise funds while increasing public awareness for Club Rainbow.

How did you encourage those around you to donate to the cause?

I actively reached out to my colleagues and friends to share about my participation in and fund-raising efforts for Ride for Rainbows. More importantly, I focused on highlighting the event’s meaningful cause - to support children with chronic illness. It was great that many of these friends embraced Club Rainbow’s purpose and vision and gave generously.

What words of encouragement do you have for the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow?

There is always hope when you are surrounded by love. Never give up on your dreams and hope!

Mousumi Bhat, Chief of Staff and Strategic Partner, Office of EVP Operations

Prolific athlete; completed the 108km route at Ride for Rainbows

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Mousumi (left) and her husband Naveen Bhat.

How did you prepare yourself for the event?

This is the longest distance that I have ever cycled at a go. I usually ride about 30-50 km with my husband at least once in a regular week. This increases to 2 to 3 times a week when I am training for a race or challenge such as this. I also ensure that I eat well and have sufficient sleep so that my body is in optimum condition for the race and not fatigued. I’m also training for an upcoming mountaineering expedition and have been doing exercises such as squats, stair climbing with weights and long-distance runs. That probably helped with this event.

What major cycling events have you participated in?

I have participated in the OCBC Cycle. I mostly sign up for riding challenges. I see these as opportunities to supplement my training for other events or activities I might be preparing myself for, such as a mountaineering expedition or a run.

Why did you decide to participate in Ride for Rainbows?

I saw the event being publicized on the digital display at Micron and thought it would be a good event to sign up for since I am currently preparing for a trek in the Himalayas in May. Even though 108km initially seemed like a daunting distance, I felt that this was a cause worth pushing myself for, especially as we were supporting the Club Rainbow beneficiaries and doing it with support and encouragement of the Micron family.

What differentiates Ride for Rainbows from other cycling events you have participated in?

There are a lot of differentiating factors. I liked the fact that it was a midnight ride so the weather was cool throughout.

The volunteers were great, staying up all night to make the riders comfortable. I felt vested in the Club Rainbow kids we were supporting, which is a different feeling from a competitive race. It was admirable that they came to flag us off at midnight.

What words of encouragement do you have for the beneficiaries of Club Rainbow?

Henry Ford once said, “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do.”

If you put your mind to something, even the impossible can become possible. Each one of you has great potential; you have to promise to find it.