An Amazing Race Around Singapore at Micron's Talent Connect 2019

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What does it mean to be part of the 8,000-member strong Micron family? Micron invited over 300 fresh graduates to be part of Talent Connect, Micron’s unique pre-onboarding engagement program, to find out.

Talent Connect is designed to prepare incoming fresh graduate team members ahead of their journey with Micron. This year, the program was given a refreshing new twist as they embarked on an amazing race to experience the organization’s culture and operations across all Singapore sites.

Wuu Yean Tay, Director of Backend Process and Equipment Engineering, and Sim Cher Whee, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, flagged off the race at Micron’s backend facility at Bendemeer. At this first station, teams collaborated to solve a riddle and complete the ‘Team Pen’ challenge which facilitated great enjoyment and camaraderie.

Participants working together during the ‘Team Pen’ Challenge
Team members dress up at Little India

With great enthusiasm, they worked on their next clue to visit the culturally rich Little India district. Team members donned sarees and danced to Indian folk music. The participants also did their part for the community by collecting used cardboard boxes and aluminum cans. The items collected were passed to the elderly who collected and sold these items for a living.  

Timothy Yap who will be joining Micron as a Process and Equipment Engineer said, “My favourite activity for the day was the saree challenge and dancing to a Bollywood tune. This activity made us come together as a team as we practiced and bonded.”

Timothy Yap (second row, second from left) with his team at the saree challenge

The next destination was the Micron Fab10 facility at Woodlands. The facility is the first in the world to successfully be converted from a 200mm to 300mm wafer production facility on the fly. Here, team members took up the challenge of using recycled materials to build a car. Through much experimentation, they spurred one another on to come up with innovative and unconventional methods to build a self-moving car that could race down a 10-meter track within a minute.

Mohamad Hadi who will be joining Micron as a Product Engineer felt that his team raised the bar by building the fastest car.

Teams showcased their innovation as they built self-moving cars out of recycled materials

At Fab10, the participants also had a sneak peek of the Fab10 expansion facility which is currently under construction. This is an extension of the existing cleanroom space, and will allow for the successful implementation of advanced 3D NAND technology node transitions.

The next challenge was an exercise of creativity, initiative and effective communication, which gave participants insight into Micron’s key values of People, Tenacity and Collaboration.

Participants took on different roles to achieve a common goal during the ‘Lookers and Runners’ challenge

Chen Song and Mitoshi Nandi who will be joining as IT Engineer and Product Engineer respectively, agreed on ‘Lookers and Runners’ being their game of choice at Talent Connect. This segment required participants to efficiently and successfully replicate a model out of building blocks. They were pushed to think out of box to come up with solutions to complete the challenge quickly.

Lending support to the event were Micron managers who raced along with the fresh graduates, fostering deeper bonds between new hires and experienced team members.

Winners of Talent Connect with Chen Kok Sing (extreme right), Micron’s Vice President and Singapore Country Manager

The event closed on an inspirational note, with Chen Kok Sing, Micron’s Vice President and Singapore Country Manager, encouraging the team:

“Our objective today was to have you visit all our sites, have fun along the way, know a little bit about our industry, organisation and culture, and meet some of our leaders. I am glad that we managed to achieve all this. What is even more meaningful, however, is the opportunity that you had to form lifelong friendships in the process.

"I am glad that you have demonstrated Micron’s five core values today: Tenacity, Innovation, People, Collaboration and Customer Focus.”

Winners of Talent Connect with Sim Cher Whee (extreme right), Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Cher Whee also added, “All of you came together to elevate each other’s performance and I saw this throughout the day. Even the last team was focused on winning each round to get to the next level. It was amazing.”

Go Micron!

These fresh graduates will begin their new roles in the third quarter of 2019. Micron is looking forward to having these top diverse talents join us, create new innovations and achieve operational excellence in the very near future.