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Uniting Nationalities Towards a Common Cause

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It was a United Nations of sorts when about 100 team members representing 10 countries came together to contribute to a common cause at Micron Semiconductor’s, Fab 10N facility at 1 North Coast Drive in Singapore. These team members from various ranks in Micron’s largest manufacturing facility in Singapore participated in the company’s blood donation drive. The countries represented comprised Singapore, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Process and Equipment Engineering Manager Henry Suseno Nilam, Chairman of Micron’s Wellness Committee which organised the event, said, “We are proud that this blood donation drive has brought our team members from around the region together towards a worthy cause. This is a simple event but it drives home an important message that no matter where we hail from, the blood in each of us is as valuable due to its potential to save lives. We hope to make this an annual event and encourage even more of our colleagues to participate in the years ahead.”

Waing Pyie Soe

It was Process Integration Engineer’s Ms Waing Pyie Soe’s 11th time donating blood in Singapore.

Ms Waing Pyie Soe who is a Process Integration Engineer from Myanmar, who has worked in Micron Singapore since 2012, said, “After all these years, Singapore has become like a home to me. I am really grateful for my life here. So when the call for blood donors came, I was very excited to join my multinational Micron family in giving back to the country.” This is the 11th time that Ms Waing is donating her blood in Singapore.

Process and Equipment Engineer Mr Li Yongguang said “Participating in this blood donation drive makes me feel bonded to my colleagues as I think about how the blood from individuals of nationalities here could end up saving the same person. It is a great opportunity to give back to society and convenient for us too, with the drive being held at Fab 10.” A first time donor, Mr Li was one of the Chinese nationals at the drive and had registered together with his Singaporean colleague Mr Daniel Tham from the same department.

Process and Equipment Engineers

Process and Equipment Engineer Mr Li Yongguang (left) was donating blood for the first time and had registered together with his Singaporean colleague Mr Daniel Tham (right) from the same department.

Micron has been a key investor in Singapore since 1998, employing more than 7,500 team members in its four manufacturing facilities here. The blood donation event reflects Micron’s culture of giving back to the communities in which it is based.

The culture of giving back was also demonstrated in another recent event when the Micron Women’s Leadership Network in Singapore had gathered some 212 employees including members of Micron’s management for a “Fairprice Walk for Rice @ South East” initiative. In all, the team chalked up more than one million steps and raised 7,279 bowls of rice for 291 underprivileged families in the South East District.