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Micron’s innovation in Asia featured in White Paper on Innovation

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Micron is proud to be among the companies featured in “Asia: The Face of Innovation”, a white paper jointly published by Harvard Business Review’s Analytics Services and the Singapore Economic Development Board on 19 October. The review discusses Asia’s role as a driving force of innovation in the business world. Singapore was also highlighted as the sixth most innovative nation in the world as measured by The Global Innovation Index 2016, published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Diversity as an innovation driver

Our key accomplishments highlighted in the white paper included the success of Micron Singapore as a Center of Excellence (CoE) that saw us rolling out our innovative 3D NAND a short five months after development. This was possible as we leveraged our dynamic and highly creative team at the Singapore CoE to guide the process efficiently and effectively. The team included talents from front-end manufacturing operations, back-end facilities for incorporating memory chips into assembled products and IT operations. Since we began full-yield production of 3D NAND last year, Micron is now the world’s second largest 3D NAND producer.

“People who come from different backgrounds and cultures think differently and come up with different solutions,” says Wayne Allan, Micron’s Vice President for Global Manufacturing, “Our Center of Excellence for non-volatile memory in Singapore, which is a pretty diverse place, is a great example of how diversity can drive an innovative culture.”

Micron has also been able to successfully leverage Singapore’s world-class education system to build our talent pool. We work closely with education institutions across all levels - from university to polytechnic and vocational institutions - to share the needs of the industry and equip students with relevant skills (such as big data collection and analysis) that prepare them well for workforce requirements.

Encouraging a culture of innovation

The white paper also mentions how Micron is cultivating an innovative mindset with incentive programs that reach all the way from frontline workers on the factory floor. This encourages Micron team members to innovate and keep improving work processes to achieve better results each time.

Beyond Singapore, into Asia

Finally, the white paper also draws attention to Asia’s rapid growth vis-à-vis the rest of the world. Like many businesses, Micron sees the potential in Asia. On this note, apart from the Singapore CoE, Micron is also creating a CoE for dynamic random access memory in Taiwan. We remain committed to the Asia market and continue to explore opportunities to expand our presence in China.