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Micron is dedicated to enriching our many site communities and during this past month, this was more than apparent through acts of generosity by Micron team members around the world.

Micron Security Team Ends Summit With Volunteer Event in Singapore

The Micron Global security team recently completed a weeklong summit in Singapore, bringing together security leads from Micron’s Asia and North America locations. As their team-building activity, and in the spirit of Micron giving back to the community, they organized a volunteer activity to be held at the conclusion of their week of business meetings. At each of Micron’s major campuses around the world, Micron team members vote on and select an annual Charity of Choice to support through donations and volunteerism. With this in mind, the team arranged to volunteer for the Micron Singapore charity of choice, TOUCH Community Services, on Friday, November 11.

The Micron team of 14 was pleased to be paired with TOUCH’s elderly programs to take a group of “frail and wheelchair-bound” seniors for a morning stroll along the Kallang Riverside, to breakfast at a coffee shop, then shopping at a local shopping market.. The multilingual nature of the Micron team came in handy with this group who spoke a variety of languages, including Malay, Mandarin, Haakien and English.

“The importance of this type of work in the community made this an easy choice for our team-building activity," said Joel Mueller, Micron corporate security director. "We had a great time assisting the elderly through the venues, and our engagement with the TOUCH team was a pleasure from start to finish."

TOUCH's mission is to establish and provide for the needy and disadvantaged in society an integrated network of community-based services that strengthens the family, believing that every individual is unique and capable of reaching his or her highest potential. TOUCH's range of services include child care available for needy and disabled children, a cyber wellness program for youth, adoption services, caregiver support, counseling and social support, home care and activity centers for the elderly, centers for the disabled, as well as support for patients with chronic illnesses.