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A Micron Welcome for Our Newest Team Members

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Micron’s Fab10 facility at North Coast Drive was abuzz with activity on May 19 as we welcomed our latest group of new fresh graduate team members at Micron’s Talent Connect. Talent Connect is our distinctive pre-onboarding program that gives new team members a glimpse into our culture ahead of their job commencement. The program also aims to instill in incoming team members a sense of pride in being part of Micron, help them build confidence in themselves and establish friendships with their peers, as well as current team members.

These graduates are some of the 600 new hires who will commence employment across various functions at Micron Singapore in the third quarter of this year.

The one-day event started with a welcome address by Micron’s Vice President and Singapore Country Manager, Chen Kok Sing, who congratulated our new team members for successfully clearing the rigorous candidate selection process at Micron. Kok Sing shared his insights on various aspects of working at Micron, including their role in the future of Micron in Singapore.

Mr Chen said, “As we grow our operations here, it is crucial that we attract and nurture the right talent within the organization. Micron is an employer with heart, and Talent Connect has been developed to assure the new hires that they are making the right choice in joining our organization.”

Also at the event was Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) Director for Electronics, Pee Beng Kong, who shared his insights on the rapidly growing and evolving electronics sector. Mr Pee elaborated on how the sector is a key pillar of the local economy as a provider of skill development and long-term job opportunities.

As part of the program, the new team members were taken on a tour of the North Coast Drive facility. Team bonding was also a crucial element of the event and included a networking lunch with colleagues throughout the organization structure, as well as other activities that fostered collaboration among team members.

Micron Singapore Human Resources Director Tan Kia Hiang said, “Investing in the well-being and development of our team members is integral to our company’s winning culture. It allows us to attract, develop and retain a talented and skilled workforce. Micron’s Talent Connect program also offers an opportunity for existing team members to reach out to and bond with new hires in a fun and meaningful way, while allowing the latter the opportunity to experience first-hand the camaraderie within the Micron team.”

A program highlight was the Marshmallow Challenge where team members exercised team work to build structures made of spaghetti sticks and marshmallows.

Talent Connect 1 

Winning teams with their completed structures at the Marshmallow Challenge.

Talent Connect 2

Talent Connect 3

Talent Connect 4

Graduates at Talent Connect are some of the 600 new hires who will commence employment across various functions at Micron Singapore.

Talent Connect 5

Micron’s Talent Connect program saw our newest team members establish bonds within the Micron family.

Talent Connect 6